Array 3A3 PT

ARRAY 3A3 PT is SANTAK’s new generation modularized UPS. An ideal solution for a safe, reliable, stable and green UPS which satisfies any customer’s one-stop demand to a basic power supply solution for their data center with its compatibility with the ARRAY series modular UPS.


The ARRAY 3A3 PT is SANTAK’s latest three/three modularized, digitally controlled UPS. It is the realization of the latest electronics and automation control technology, a benchmark in the UPS market. The ARRAY 3A3 PT brings about a new concept in power supply solution, allowing a breakthrough in the practicability of power usage equipment. ARRAY 3A3 PT applies a tray type, smart modular design that allows for hot plug/play designs, this allows flexible adjustment of the modules to satisfy power and reliability requirements. Zero off line maintenance is also realized by its capability to conduct on line maintenance when modules are idle.