SANTAK Batteries

CASTLE C12V series batteries adopt unique and advanced technology and production processes. They are being designed with more focus on compatibility with UPS and system optimization. Compared to other batteries on the market, CASTLE C12V series batteries can provide longer float charging life time and more powerful discharging characteristics. It is an ideal product for UPS backup application.


UPS, Telecom, Security Standby Power Supply, Medical Instruments, and so on.


Product Features

  • Long-life Design – The advanced grid manufacturing technology leads to a highly improved grid
    corrosion resistance. The battery design life is over 10 years at floating condition.
  • Excellent High Rate Discharge Performance
  • – Due to a special plate design and a terminal design, together with an advanced formulation and a welding process, the high rate discharge performance is significantly increased with the ensuring of enough battery capacity.
  • Flame Retardant – The battery containers and lids are manufactured with UL94-V0 level frame
    retardant ABS materials.
  • Low Self-discharge Rate – Battery self-discharge rate is less than 2% at 20℃ after 28 days.
  • High Consistency – Thanks to the automatic production process and the resulting high productivity, Santak batteries have good performance in plate and battery consistency. They are more suitable for being used in series in UPS application.
  • Best Compatibility With UPS – The product design work was done to achieve a perfect combination with UPS and whole system cost optimization.
  • Convenient Installation And Maintenance – The embedded terminal design makes the installation and maintenance work simple and convenient. It also increases the high current trafficability performance.