Provides high performance with premium features. True double-conversion design with Power Factor 1.0. Embedded Ethernet port solution provides secured network connection to Cloud to support increasing IoT trend and applications. Highly efficient and flexible with adjustable charting current and battery configuration. 10-20kVA 3-3 model can be configure as 3-1 or 1-1 model to meet utility and load wiring. Applications include: Data center, enterprise and distributed IT in banking, telecom, Colo, and commercial & retail.



  • True double-conversion design with high adaptability to harsh mains conditions
  • Real PF 1 can provide more power in same space
  • High efficiency results in energy saving
  • Adjustable charging current and flexible battery configuration
  • Optimized changing method to expand battery life time.
  • 10-20K 3-3 model can be configure as 3-1 or 1-1 model to meet utility and load wiring.
  • 10-20K 3-3 model can be configure as single source input or dual source input for utility and bypass.
  • Built-in OVCD protection, fan lock detection, over temperature detection, overload warning to enhance the product reliability
  • Automatic detect additional EBM quantity will simplify EBM installation for IT users
  • Low audible noise at typical load
  • Dot matrix LCD support up to 10 languages for easy installation and service. 10-20K 3-3 model support Color touchable LCD display with gravity sensors.
  • Embedded Ethernet port solution provide safe network connection to Cloud which will meet the increasing IoT trend
  • WLAN module for IoT connection.
  • Mobile APP for monitoring, configuration. Support Android/iOS
  • USB HID enable monitoring on UPS without software installation
  • Dry contactor for industrial condition
  • Upgraded network card compliance with IEC standard cybersecurity