Purchasing UPS and Power Protection equipment is only half of the protection you need, the other half is a good preventative maintenance program.


Planning ahead for uptime is vital for critical facilities. Your productivity depends on your service provider’s ability to protect your investment. Choose LSI as your future power partner and ease off on your worries. Without proper maintenance, your critical loads are at risk.


Avoid UPS failures with regularly scheduled replacement services. Maximize the performance and reliability of your UPS components, including batteries, capacitors, and fans with preventative maintenance and regularly scheduled replacement services.


LSI offers a wide range of service contract options to maintain your UPS, Batteries and other Critical Power Equipment. Our programs include both comprehensive, preventive or emergency service program. Our maintenance programs include state of the art test and diagnostic equipment along with digital record-keeping for every maintenance inspection. Each of our programs includes battery maintenance which is absolutely essential in ensuring your uptime. Once completed our service report is sent to you within 1-2 days. Any recommendations are also communicated promptly, and quotations for repairs, if applicable, are sent with our reports.


We pride ourselves in delivering quality and proactive service. 24/7 support services are available depending on the client needs.



1. Checkup, repair and installation
2. Consultation and site survey
3. UPS battery replacement
4. Preventive Maintenance / Comprehensive Maintenance